This Changes Everything!

As the founder and CEO of deTASO, there are many things I could say about our product and our service. However, one of my favorite things to share about our company is a statement we hear after almost every launch. The phrase, "This changed everything," is one of the highest compliments I think we could receive. It's a phrase that captures what we strive to do here at deTASO.

When we engage with a new client, they are often looking for a software solution that can address precise pain points within their organization. The most common of these would include:

  1. General inefficiencies
  2. Manual and tedious reporting and data validation
  3. Security concerns
  4. Slow revenue realization and high or unknown accounts receivable balances
  5. A lack of accountability and visibility within operations

Variations of the phrase "This Changed Everything" are often expressed about the most unexpected features of deTASO and our Customer Success Team. Like so many other software solutions, we have built deTASO to address their specific pain points. However, I love to hear how deTASO and my team have exceeded expectations by addressing other operations and procedural issues.

We have heard this used to refer to items like:

  1. Morale increasing because staff have the right tools and feel supported
  2. Owners and directors feeling empowered with data
  3. Simplicity in the use of deTASO
  4. Our training and ongoing support and industry education
  5. Improved documentation
  6. Audits with zero errors
  7. Monthly USDA meal count reports
  8. Daily meal count and types
  9. Improved safety
  10. Efficiency in building treatment plans
  11. Industry knowledge and support
  12. Having a resource that can network to help find best practices across the industry
  13. Actual revenue realization 
  14. Accounts Receivable instant visibility

Companies lean on deTASO to solve their big problems, but we love to meet their minor pain points too. That's why we are launching our "This Changes Everything" campaign. We want everyone to understand our hearts and passion.

I want you to experience deTASO, and I would love to connect you with an owner or director of a business like yours so you can hear about their experience with deTASO and our customer support team.  Our team wants to offer you the world-class service and support you deserve and work toward earning your - "This Changed Everything."

It cannot hurt to explore your options - contact our team and schedule your demo or just let us talk to you about our product and team.

Ben Watson


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