deTASO is an EMR software designed to help you manage and grow your business while helping your employees work more efficiently. From intake to discharge, every facet of your patient interaction is documented electronically. There is a lot that people don’t know about deTASO and our wide array of services. Check out these top 8 things you may not know!

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When I started deTASO, I wore all the hats, and I mean all of the hats. I was the developer, trainer, inside sales representative, outside sales representative, billing support, and customer service representative. It became clear that I was the limiting factor to deTASO's growth and success.

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As the founder and CEO of deTASO, there are many things I could say about our product and our service. However, one of my favorite things to share about our company is a statement we hear after almost every launch. The phrase, "This changed everything," is one of the highest compliments I think we could receive. It's a phrase that captures what we strive to do here at deTASO.

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We live in a world driven by information and technology. Although this is helpful, it does not come without a few unique challenges. Over the past seven years, we have helped quite a few companies who have transitioned to deTASO learn some helpful lessons along the way. To ease your software transition, try discussing the following topics with your team before, during, and after the transition.

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