Outpatient Behavioral Health

deTASO’s newest addition is our Outpatient Behavioral Health application. While it is still a work in progress, we are proud to offer many of the same benefits you have come to expect from our other applications in this industry specific tool. Immediately, business owners will be drawn to our OBH application’s ability to interface with the billing and payroll reports. We have worked hard to ensure that owners and admin staff have a complete picture of the treatment records through-out the process. It is very simple to find what records are still being worked, how many records are held up for missing pre-certification or any other billing hurdle, and you will know at any minute how much revenue is outstanding from each of the billing sources.

Key Features:

  • HIPAA Compliant Restricted Access
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Custom Treatment Plans
  • Provider Efficiency Reports
  • Department Accountability

One of the key principles of deTASO is to add efficiency and accountability to the companies we work with. Department accountability reports will give management an accurate picture of the overall health of the organization while providing the added accountability of each staff person. This even allows for incentives and recognition for superior performance from employees and/or providers.

One feature that could go overlooked but should be considered very important is our HIPAA compliant framework. From the very beginning, our thoughts were focused on limiting access to patient information with the strictest “need to know” basis. This is why we have gone the extra mile within deTASO to limit patient access and limit patient treatment data information. We have also added a detailed access log feature that records all patient access based on an approved staff member or treatment team’s permission. This patient access is recorded and logged for historical records. Within this feature, we have given management full control to determine what information their staff can and cannot see.

With deTASO’s behavioral health program, as with every other program within deTASO, we strive to understand the unique industry requirements and go beyond provision of addressing the minimal industry requirements. This application is no different. We have a healthy network of Behavioral Health professionals and continue to consult with them to receive direct input into our application. That is why we believe your staff will quickly adapt to our flow and information management. We believe your staff will immediately see value and efficiency from intake to discharge.

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