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deTASO is an Electronic Healthcare Management software that specializes in EIDT, ADDT, Waiver, and ABA center-based management. This includes everything from enrollment, therapy notes, classroom billing, and therapy billing. Within deTASO also exists an HR, payroll, and staff management component. This software includes all industry reports and greatly reduces the stress and frustration of owning or managing a growing business. We also offer business and HIPAA consulting to clients.

deTASO was founded on two principles: Efficiency and Accountability. No matter the size of your company, we have a solution just for you. We work hard for you every day so you can manage your practice and focus on helping your clients.

The deTASO electronic medical records solution can help you:

  • Oversee every facet of your operation from enrollment reports to therapy hours and efficiency, there's a custom report to hold your team completely accountable.
  • Navigate changing patient billing with date-driven funding scenarios.
  • Quickly address quality audits by providing records of service and treatment notes on demand.
  • Communicate key deadlines, safety concerns, and general communication with its dashboard and messaging components.
  • Manage complex billing scenarios like PAs, pre-certs, secondary billing, supervisor billing, and private pay billing.
  • Use less paper and require less storage with our paperless treatment notes and our staff patient scan features.
  • Understand your revenue and accounts receivable bottlenecks with our financial reporting.
  • Manage classroom and therapy events with real-time data to help you maximize your billing every day.

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