Applied Behavior Analysis

deTASO’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) application is built for the specific needs of providers. We’ve taken time to really understand the unique demands of this industry and we are excited to offer a mobile tool in addition to our desktop program.

Key Features:

  • Mobile Web application that works on any device
  • Behavior Intervention Plan management
  • RBT/BT Supervision Management
  • Payroll
  • Complex billing
  • Graphing functionality for easy reporting
  • Parent Training

There are many benefits to the mobile version. First off, it’s accessed via an online website so it will work on any tablet or phone. The advantage of this is that team members in the field will not need a bulky computer that could potentially pose a distraction when working one on one with a patient with autism. Another major win for the mobile application is the ease of use for keeping up with all the industry-recognized behaviors. Providers can immediately begin tracking frequency counts, duration timers, and interval data (as related to Behavior Intervention Plans) without the need to leave the session note. We believe this tool will allow staff to complete the bulk of their documentation while they are still in their session.

In addition to the mobile and desktop tools, you will quickly notice deTASO’s ABA billing logic. deTASO completes the initial billing tasks. Providers simply indicate their service and deTASO references the administration application to determine who we are billing. Based on this, deTASO takes all of the manual data manipulations out of the equation. deTASO understands what CPT codes to bill and what unit size to use. The app even combines services, decrements Prior Authorization counts, and bills claims under the correct BCBA provider. deTASO additionally manages the copayment and coinsurance charges that need to be billed as private pay to your patient’s families. deTASO offers invoices and statements designed to keep parents informed about their balances and where their payments are being applied.

deTASO’s ABA application is built to fully integrate with our other applications. This means that preschool and adult classrooms will always have the correct headcount and all of your day habilitation and ABA therapy billing will be correct. What’s additionally nice about the ABA application is that it can function as a stand-alone application, even if you are treating patients in a home setting.

Another valuable resource within deTASO’s ABA application is the parent meeting and progress management. We have built a series of tools that allow your staff to quickly build a treatment plan for parents. Then we have made it just as easy to document the parent meeting, address progress on goals and then bill for these meetings.

A final feature your team will love is the thought we have put into supervision. We understand the necessity of good supervision and the demand to make it as efficient as possible. With our reports, we monitor patient supervision and RBT supervision, ensuring you are meeting the stringent requirements of this association. You will also appreciate the accountability we have built into deTASO with our efficiency reports. These reports look at assigned caseloads and return an efficiency measurement of each patient and provider.

There are so many features and tools built into this, you need to schedule your free demo to see why deTASO is the right tool for your business!

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