deTASO’s Adult application was built for the unique challenges of managing a complex facility with clients over age 18. Our application understands the unique needs of this population. In addition to tracking attendance, deTASO has the ability to manage different classrooms during the day (i.e. Communication, Life Skills, Exercise, Meal Prep). As an administrator you are able to see where each client is in your facility at any point, build individualized daily schedules, and monitor client to staff ratios. 

Key Features:

  • Client Attendance
  • Client Billing Management
  • Client Work Management
  • Client Daily/Weekly Schedules
  • Supported Employment forms for reimbursement
  • Transportation Management
  • Client Developmental Goals Entry and Recording of Data
  • Meal Count Tracking
  • ICF Attendance and Billing

deTASO has the ability to help you manage a work-shop environment. Our application tracks client piece counts, job modifications, and helps you compile piece rate or hourly rate payroll reports. You are also able to monitor progress of clients on each modification of a job or task.

Our application helps manage all the necessary forms and client progress on their individualized treatment plans. We offer a goal bank function to help your team quickly develop custom plans for each client. We help you track progress on each goal and then we summarize their progress on annual reports. Additionally, we keep up with any special dates and renewals for your clients. This can include anything from Special Olympics dates to doctor visits. deTASO gives you the ability to customize it so it meets the specific needs of your clients and your business.

Another way deTASO assists in managing your adult center is with our bulk arrival and departure feature. In deTASO, you can assign clients to specific buses or vans. Additionally, we offer the ability to assign them to a specific route and arrival / departure scenario in case you utilize the same vehicle for multiple trips. You are even able to assign different arrival and departure addresses and routes. When you use our bulk arrival feature, you can quickly and efficiently receive clients into your facility and deTASO automatically begins their billing. The same functionality is built into our bulk departure feature. At the end of a day, you can easily check-out and end billing for each adult riding a selected bus or van.

deTASO understands the unique challenges that often accompany this population. That’s why we keep safety at the top of our mind and our application. We’ve added Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) to deTASO to help your staff know how to address different both inappropriate and unsafe behaviors. You’ll be able to see occurrences and look for trends with real data. We believe with good data you can make better decisions and offer exceptional services to each client under your care.

deTASO also offers a complete way to manage your therapy staff. If you serve a population of adults that require therapy services such as occupational, physical, or speech therapy, you will not need another application. We manage the therapist and client sessions within deTASO and keep track of everything for you. We track the different billing scenarios and do not over or double bill. deTASO tracks the client’s progress towards the completion of their individualized treatment plans per discipline.

deTASO offers a broad collection of powerful tools that add efficiency to managing your facility. With deTASO, you are able to quickly and in real-time view attendance and absence percentages. You can also look for trends in your data – both on an individual client level and a campus level. You can also run reports to show you what clients have the highest absence percentages.

The adult application is also built around the understanding that you may have clients enrolled in your Interim Care Facility or in your Waiver – Home Health Program. We offer other important features based on this populations needs. These include Medication Administration Records, Safety Plans, Accident and Incident Reports, and a host of client progress reporting.

Finally, as you would expect, we manage all of the billing for you. There is no need for paperwork and cumbersome manual calculations that are prone to human error. deTASO collects billing data real time and determines the correct billing code, units, rates, and helps your billing staff submit claims to any payer. We are able to bill commercial insurance, private pay, and Medicaid / Medicare programs. deTASO also helps to manage your accounting needs, especially with our accounts receivable tools.

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