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deTASO's Home Care application was created specifically for the Waiver industry. This includes supported living, supported employment, respite care, and personal care. This application is built for a mobile device specifically for providing care in the field and has many accountability tools to support better care. The most notable of these is the application's ability to meet all federal Electronic Visit Verification mandate (EVV) requirements. Each time an employee uses our application, the software logs their exact GPS coordinates and all the other mandated data and saves it for documentation and billing purposes. Administrators and supervisors can focus on the quality of care their employees are providing and trust deTASO to capture all the required EVV and billing information.

In addition to meeting all EVV requirements, we also employ industry-leading HIPAA practices to safeguard client data. Organizations and families can rest assured that their electronic medical data and patient health information are valued and protected at all times. This includes two-factor authentication (2FA) when any staff logs in. It also includes keeping your data encrypted in transit and resting on our server.

Key application features:

  • The mobile web application that works on all devices
  • Meets the Federal EVV mandate
  • Fully HIPAA compliant
  • Ability to manage Personal Care (PC)
  • Supervision tools for documentation approval and payroll approval
  • Mileage documentation and reimbursement
  • Individual and group treatment (shared staffing) management
  • Payroll
As with all of our applications, deTASO has taken every opportunity to streamline the entire process from beginning to end. This includes a customizable goal bank for creating personalized client treatment plans. deTASO even allows you to set the minimum requirements for session documentation. This consists of the number of objectives logged in a session and the minimum character limit on your staff's documentation. Another valued feature is the ability to set required goals. This ensures that specific health and safety objectives are addressed in each session. Providers will enjoy how accessible the data and information are. Information such as funding, plan expiration dates, prior authorization units, and allergy / special needs can all be found quickly within the Home Care application. We have even added the ability to use voice dictation on capable devices. This will allow for easier progress documentation on goals and daily progress narratives.

Users agree that one of the most efficient and valuable aspects of deTASO is our added mileage/trip management tool. Direct support personnel members will quickly and efficiently be able to take a picture and record both starting and stopping odometer numbers and log their reimbursable mileage. These entries go right to their supervisor and on to deTASO payroll reports. Supervisors also value deTASO's geographical data to verify starting and stopping locations.

In addition to managing progress towards individualized, personalized plans, deTASO is also set up to assist with any personal care needs your clients may have. This could be anything from bathing to toileting needs. deTASO adds simplicity to logging these types of supportive services. We hope to remove unnecessary distractions so your staff can provide the best care possible.

Often, payroll becomes a significant challenge with many moving parts. This is why we have taken so much time and put so much thought into the payroll supervision tool. deTASO’s payroll process contains only a few efficient steps and is easy to learn. The system includes several safeguards to prevent double-paying or accidental overlap of payroll records.  deTASO does not print checks, but we can export payroll data in several formats that can easily be uploaded into your payroll system. We can successfully export your approved payroll records to your payroll system.

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