deTASO’s developmental preschool application was specifically built for the complexities of a business serving this market. This includes important aspects such as classroom teacher education, parent interaction, HIPAA compliance, environmental securities, legal safeguards, USDA meal counts, therapy classroom checkouts, nap time, and billing management needs.

The deTASO developmental preschool application was created with staff and parents in mind. There is minimal training required for parents to understand how to interface with deTASO. Once trained, parents find it quick and easy to check their child into and out of a classroom. The addition of technology in the classroom as both a classroom management tool and a security check provide parents peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Complete Classroom Management
  • Attendance and Absence Reporting
  • Developmental Progress Scoring and Documentation
  • Daily Individual patient tracking
  • Transportation – bulk arrival / departure & safety checks
  • Food Program - USDA meal counts
  • Allergy Alert
  • HIPAA Compliant Display
  • Automatic Headcount

deTASO has the ability to add significant accountability and efficiency to the classroom. Teachers can clock in with our timecard feature and deTASO will track this information for payroll purposes. deTASO also provides a way to manage time-off requests.

deTASO monitors staff location and is aware of classroom ratios based on the age of the patients in the room. An alert appears in the classroom if there is an improper ratio. deTASO offers highly visible signals to help staff identify, in a HIPAA compliant way, which patients have allergies or special medical needs. deTASO also keeps track of which individuals are approved to pick a patient up from class and notifies teachers when there is a pick-up alert on a patient’s file.

Another tool that will add efficiency to your program immediately is the classroom treatment plan. This tool allows your teachers to quickly see each patient’s unique treatment plan and promptly enter meaningful data on each objective. deTASO uses this data to compile and calculate mastery on each objective.

We understand that you may have many different staff members checking patients in and out of the classroom for various reasons throughout the day. deTASO equips you with the ability to quickly and efficiently manage these checkouts and bill accordingly. deTASO knows and can display, in real time, the location of every patient in your care and when they are expected to return to the classroom. When you use deTASO, there is no need to keep paper timesheets, paper attendance records, therapy billing sheets, or documentation on treatment plan progress. All of these are stored and generated within the software solution.

Another valuable feature of deTASO’s developmental preschool application is its bulk arrival and departure management. In deTASO, you can assign patients to specific buses or vans. In the event that you use the same vehicle for multiple trips, deTASO offers the ability to assign patients to a specific route and arrival / departure scenario. You are even able to assign different arrival and departure addresses and routes. Within deTASO’s bulk arrival feature, you can quickly and efficiently receive clients into the facility and deTASO automatically checks them into their appropriate classroom and begins their billing for the day. The same functionality is built into deTASO’s bulk departure feature. At the end of a day, you can easily check-out and end billing for each patient riding a selected bus or van. We’ve also built in a series of checks and verification to ensure every patient received is accounted for. With deTASO, safety is always important – from arrival to departure!

deTASO also manages the records for the meals you serve. deTASO communicates with kitchen staff exactly how many patients are present and quantity of meals needed. deTASO relays quantities and specifics for allergy-related meals, how many drinks need thickener, and how many meals need to be processed or chopped without the need to walk around your center with a clipboard. When meals are served, deTASO records the location of service and who served the meal. deTASO also manages and tracks quantities of free, paid, and reduced meals served each day.

Our early intervention application was built for you, your teachers, your therapists, and your parents. Sign up for a free demo today to see for yourself why so many business owners, and managers love the efficiency and accountability it brings to an organization.

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