Direct Care

deTASO’s Direct Care application is going to be your team’s best friend. We originally built this application to manage the complex nature of occupational, physical, and speech language therapy, and it has proven to do very well. Over time, our clients needed a tool to manage different facets of their business. As we added to our application, we changed the name from “Therapy App” to “Direct Care” to better represent the versatility this tool offers.

This portion of deTASO is an ideal starting point for managing an outpatient business. In addition to supporting your therapists, Direct Care also manages nursing staff’s notes, Psychological notes and assessments, ADDT/EIDT assessments, Special Education Notes for educational therapy, and has the flexibility to offer customizable private pay billing. This application is the interface where all non-classroom and day habilitation billing begins. As with all of our applications, deTASO allows a director or owner to monitor and hold each staff member accountable for the services they are providing.

Key Features:

  • Evaluation Entry and Documentation
  • Treatment Plan Creation
  • Treatment Session Documentation
  • Nursing Documentation including MAR
  • Classroom Insight (ability to view who's present and in therapy)
  • Therapist Scheduling
  • Quarterly Reporting

When it comes to therapy, deTASO contains features and functionality to hold therapists accountable while giving them access to everything they need to know about their caseload. deTASO even manages assistants, first year speech therapists, and students. Assistants are limited within deTASO to the services they can offer, and every note is sent directly to their supervisor for review, editing, and approval. deTASO includes safeguards that will alert your staff when it’s time for re-evaluations. Each therapist has access to a dashboard that alerts them of upcoming expirations of scripts, prior authorizations, or 6-month progress notes. The therapist and admin team will be well aware of upcoming expirations so there should be no lapse in coverage or treatment.

One of the strongest aspects of deTASO is its ability to manage therapy workflow. deTASO adds efficiency to a business by creating a simple solution for entering billable information for an evaluation, providing an easy process of data entry into our customizable evaluation tool, creating a treatment plan, and following through with documentation of the therapy session and goal progression. Business owners and directors are able to take advantage of deTASO’s built in hard stops that ensure evaluations have funding and referral scripts are active. deTASO also provides this feature on treatment notes by checking for active treatment scripts, active treatment funding, and verifying that you are not treating more minutes than approved. deTASO additionally verifies that you are not treating against an expired evaluation. When it comes time to build a new treatment plan, a therapist can take advantage of the simplicity and functionality of deTASO’s goal copy and goal bank tools. With deTASO, team members build customizable treatment plans more efficiently and with better quality than ever before.

deTASO has streamlined the process of treatment documentation. We want therapists to focus on the patients and not having to keep up with the treatment plan, treatment note, billing sheet, and schedule. A therapist is able to view old notes, look for trends, review previous progress notes and add objectives right from their session. When entering notes, we have given the therapist a way to enter both qualitative and quantitative data. In doing so, this gives deTASO the correct data to use to generate annual, nine-week, and quarterly summary reports.

Similarly, deTASO offers the same safeguards and tools you would expect to all the other team members using this application. Because patient safety is always important to our clients, deTASO allows all users of Direct Care the ability to enter an accident and incident report. Upon entry, these alerts go directly to designated supervisors for review and response when necessary.

Another great feature of our Direct Care application is the schedule. deTASO’s schedule is built around the autonomy of the therapist. Therapists can view and build a schedule which can be viewed and edited by an approved administrator. The flexibility and ease of use create a valuable tool to help the therapist execute efficiently.

Arguably, the most valuable piece of this application is its clarity pertaining to billing. Business owners and administration teams should understand the complexity of getting the funding scenarios set up correctly, knowing what CPT codes to bill, and knowing what modifiers to use. The beauty of deTASO’s Direct Care application is that it manages all of that for you. Therapists only need to distinguish between what type of service they are rendering like an evaluation, an individual treatment session or a group session. From there, deTASO will reference the funding scenario to know whom we are billing, what CPT code and modifier to use, what Place of Service code to use, and who’s credentials we need to submit billing. This simplicity takes the stress off of the therapist and billing team. It eliminates the human error factor and gives you complete control of your billing. deTASO ensures the user the best chance of getting paid correctly the first time.

The deTASO Direct Care application has so much to offer. Please schedule your free demo today to see for yourself why so many therapists, business owners, and managers love the efficiency and accountability it brings to an organization.

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