Amy Denton


Pediatrics Plus

deTASO has revolutionized our company! We have transparency into our practice management, billing processes, and receivables like never before. This has allowed us to make changes to our operations to provide better services to our clients. Since the implementation of deTASO, we are not only making more money, but collecting more of our accounts receivable in a timelier manner.

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Jocelyn Mitchelle


IN-SYNC Pediatric Therapy Center

What I am impressed with the most, other than your wonderful product, is your attentiveness to your customers. We feel like you are part of our team and on our side. You always go above and beyond to make your product better and our friendships stronger.

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Stephanie Smith

Chief Operating Officer


Upon implementing deTaso in our therapy and preschool programs, we immediately saw a decrease in the amount of time required by staff to complete all the paperwork requirements for delivering program services and billing. The deTaso team is exemplary in their delivery of support - it is individualized to each specialty area as well as to each organization they work with.

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