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Stephanie Smith

Chief Operating Officer


Upon implementing deTaso in our therapy and preschool programs, we immediately saw a decrease in the amount of time required by staff to complete all the paperwork requirements for delivering program services and billing. The deTaso team is exemplary in their delivery of support - it is individualized to each specialty area as well as to each organization they work with.

We have been extremely impressed with the time they spent working with our state's MMIS system to ensure that the changes needed in deTaso to compliment all the changes made by the state were in place prior to implementation. They also continued to facilitate follow-up meetings with the state to address and resolve transition problems in the new system, taking this burden off the providers. Today, they are working to insure a smooth transition to the documentation and billing requirements of the new EIDT program, allowing us to focus on services and transitions for our children, their families and our staff.

The decision to move to deTaso was absolutely the right one and I believe as programs continue to evolve and change with the everchanging Medicaid landscape that we in deTaso the right partner to help us manage the changes that will be needed in our IT support and programming.

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