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deTASO is proud to say that we have adjusted our Direct Care application to meet the unique demands of special education as it relates to the administration of therapy services in the areas of Occupational, Physical and Speech Language Pathology. The industry demands of Special Education are strict and it is challenging to feel like you are making a profit. The vision of deTASO is for therapists and staff to be focused on providing the best services to the student without worrying about the documentation and organization aspects of the job. It’s hard to do that when you do not have visibility into your revenue and expenses, when you don’t know when assessments are due, when you don’t understand industry billing changes, and when you do not have visibility into the services that are being rendered. deTASO allows for that type of visibility and order.

Key Features:

  • Billing and Billing Support
  • Custom SPED goal bank for quick treatment plan creation
  • 9 week and Annual Progress reporting
  • Contract therapist management
  • Group Therapy management
  • Storage bank for required forms and documentation

When it comes to therapists, it does not matter if they are an employee or a contract therapist, this program brings simplicity to their tasks. Administrative staff members have the tools necessary for therapist accountability, have insight into caseloads, and many other key performance indicators. LEAs are given the ability to know with certainty what paperwork is outstanding or about to expire.

deTASO’s Direct Care program can perform specifically for public school services, with certain adaptations to better suit the school systems. For example, we have added the ability to provide group therapy beyond the Medicaid limit of four patients. We understand that each student needs to receive services as defined in the IEP. This can result in the need to render therapy to larger groups that you will not be billing to Medicaid. With deTASO, a therapist can select multiple students and assign them to a therapy session and easily document multiple treatment notes at the same time. Additionally, we have added target dates and short-term goal completion quantitative measurements to our therapy session documentation. The beauty of this is that it allows for deTASO to quickly and efficiently produce a variety of necessary reports including Nine-Week Quarterlies and Annual Reviews.

Clients can take advantage of our paperless treatment notes with the variety of available deTASO applications. The document management process is a huge benefit to every staff member. With so many different documents found throughout the process of special education and providing therapy in a school setting, deTASO provides a huge efficiency multiplier by housing any and all documents. These documents can be uploaded in any format. This will provide a great method for you to upload student forms, parent documents, treatment scripts, and anything else your team needs to stay organized.

We would also like to express that deTASO can function beyond your therapy note documentation to successfully manage your billing. With the help of deTASO’s Customer Success Team, we can configure the applications to ensure that the program is billing the state under your specific school district’s LEA number. This ensures that the correct paid rate is secured and that the state has complete visibility into the services you’ve rendered. When required, we also manage all of your prior authorizations (PA). deTASO comes with settings that monitor PA units and alerts to notify when PAs are coming up on exhaustion.

In addition to the above features, our team is devoted to adding SPED forms and applications. Required forms can be found without leaving deTASO. If your district has custom forms or applications, these can quickly be loaded and referenced from within deTASO.

The best way to learn more about deTASO’s applications and how your school district can benefit from our applications is to please schedule your free demo today!

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